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Unispade was founded in 2019 simply to bridge the gap between brands & agencies. But as we dug deeper, we discovered that just creating a supply side of the platform is not enough. There has to be a participation equilibrium on both Brand & Agency side.

We researched, brainstormed and realized that there is an acute need to address the complete end-to-end process integration via single platform + a marketing services marketplace.

And thus we came up with the concept of Unispade, where we are helping both Brands & Agencies by streamlining the agency search, pitching, collaboration and settlement process.

Vishwavijay,Navcharan & Kuldeep have been on both sides of the fence and understand the quintessence of the concept. We are expanding by integrating and automating the complete process to provide a seamless experience to Brands & Agencies through our platform and create a solution for both the stakeholders that replaces all the various different tools and apps.

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we live by, as a company.

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Our vision

The data overload in present times have lead to confusion and calls for better sourcing tools through which not only the professionals can find each other but also create meaningful connections. When data forms the backbone of the company, we are continuously improving the processes, features and tools to meet the daily utility for brands and service providers. With this in mind, we aim to create an exhaustive ecosystem for Brands & Service Providers from Marketing, Advertising, Design, Creative, Media & IT sectors to come together and participate in a shared growth on a single platform.

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