Unispade community is an invite only club exclusively for marketeers, with a significant experience in the industry, are eager to participate in discussions and can provide in-depth opinions on topics discussed in the community.

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We are marketing enthusiasts and we are always on the lookout for quality conversations with marketing professionals. Our team was fed up of the typical networking groups. We always struggled to fetch value out of the irrelevant conversations between professionals coming from different unrelated backgrounds. So we decided to create a community of our own, exclusively for marketeers and advertisers. We are bringing together marketeers from across the industry; Brand managers, CMOs, Consultants, Agency Owners, etc to delve deep into quality discussions on everything marketing.

A community with an objective

Our aim is to trigger value adding discussions among the members in a unique way. We talk about trending campaigns, creative ads, breakthrough marketing strategies, case studies, hacks, marketing tips and much more amazing stuff!

The right way to connect

This community is not created with a purpose to generate business for anyone. But to learn and grow as a marketeer by sharing knowledge, experiences, opinions and views on topics discussed in the group. The best way to get noticed is to participate, offer help and suggestions.

Who can join?

In order to maintain a standard of quality conversations, we are bound to go through every applicant and audit every provided detail. We prefer professionals who have done some amazing work before and have got a story to tell, a

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