We are a regulated community of Advertising and Marketing Experts. We are marketing UNISPADE across a very targeted market segment who are serious about availing AandM services. The business opportunities reaching up to you are verified, validated and qualified by us so that you spend time dealing with the right people.
UNISPADE does not charge anything from the potential clients searching for agencies. We only charge agencies according to our pricing structure for the services that we offer.
Only those agencies that are offering Advertising ,Marketing and IT services can join us.
Growing and established startups, SMEs, Corporates and High profile individuals that are actively looking out for a service provider post their requirements. These posted requirement are also in a detailed format so as to convey the need better and establish an efficient communication from the beginning.
You can search for Agencies providing Advertising, Marketing and IT Services. There are various filters to help you out in shortlisting agencies and well structured agency profiles to select the best matched agencies for your project.
We ask for various project details like the channel of advertisement, services, locations, budget range etc from the client to get their detailed requirement and in return, we give you the list of agencies providing services in similar bandwidth and thus streamlining your initial RFI process.
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We can curate a better website utility for you once you register. You get access to the complete community research and knowledge base on the platform. You can also get in touch with consultants or agencies immediately, respond to your notifications and requests after registering on UNISPADE.

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